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tv   CNN Saturday Morning  CNN  February 2, 2013 4:30am-5:00am PST

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ooh, la-la!
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welcome back. about half past the hour now. and now to the scandal that has captured the nation's attention. a 20-year-old man tricking manti te'o into believing he was not only a woman, but the love of te'o's life. well, take a listen to this. he appeared on abc's "katie" and shared a voice mail he said was from his girlfriend lennay. >> i'm calling to say good night. i love you, i know you're probably doing homework or you're with the boys. but i do love you. good night. >> if you thought that voice sounded like a woman's, you fell for it too. tuiasosopo said it was him. he agreed to do the voice, but only behind a privacy screen. >> hey, babe, i'm calling to say
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good night and i love you. i know that you're probably doing homework or with the boys. but i wanted to say i love you and good night. >> dr. phil asked him to do the voice again. this time leaving a voice mail from his home phone while a producer from the show watched. >> hi, babe, i'm calling to say good night. i love you. i know you're probably doing homework or with the boys or grubbing -- i'll be okay tonight. i'll do my best. yeah. get your rest and i'll talk to you tomorrow. love you so much, hon, sweet dreams. >> dr. phil said three voice analysts said tuiasosopo's voice matched the one on the voice mail. he also said there was no malice and says he fell in love with the football player. listen to how he describes how invested he was in the relationship.
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>> me, ronaiah, it hurt me, it was like a brick, i was like, whoa, i've given so much into this, and i realized that i poured so much into lennay, i, myself, wasn't getting nothing. and i was crying that morning, i was hurt, emotionally, all kinds of things took over. and so right then and there, i made the decision i can't do this lennay thing anymore. >> when he asked why he did it, he said the hoax had roots in sexual abuse he endured as a child. new developments in a 17-year-old murder case. the grand jury voted to indict jon benet ramsey's parents. that's a headline out from a boulder, colorado, newspaper. the 6-year-old was found murdered back in 1996. nearly three years later according to the newspaper, a grand jury wanted to indict jon
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benet's parents john and patsy ramsey. but the district attorney at the time didn't sign the indictment claiming there was not enough evidence. i spoke with hln's nancy grace about this. >> i think it's a huge big deal. i think it's a headline, a bombshell. the fact that the grand jury voted that jon benet's parents were liable for her death. they called that a second-degree child abuse that ended in death. i think it's incredible. and i find it just tormenting that the district attorney did not obey the grand jury. >> so lynn wood has represented the ramseys over the year as you know. he told us earlier this week that he thinks the grand jury didn't even have all the information they could have had. listen to this. listen to what he said. >> i think you had a grand jury
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that was likely confused and perhaps could've had some of that confusion cleared up if john and patsy ramsey had been allowed to testify before the grand jury. they offered repeatedly to do so, but they were never allowed the opportunity. >> no, i don't think the grand jury who heard all the evidence there was to present was confused. and i will say that woods is an excellent attorney and he's doing a wonderful job for his client, mr. ramsey. but i can tell you this, by the district attorney refusing to act on the grand jury's decision, we will never know now. that was the one shot. >> nancy grace, appreciate your time. thank you so much. >> thank you, randi. >> and you can watch nancy grace weeknights 8:00 p.m. on our sister network hln. we are taking a special look into the brain behind a website that touches one in every seven people on the planet. the youngest billionaire in the
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i think i've come up with something. >> that looks really good. >> people want to go on the internet and check out their friends. that's what facebook will be about and talking about the entire social experience of college and putting it online.
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>> got 2,200 hits within two hours? >> 22,000. >> that was a clip from the movie "the social network" about a college co-ed who didn't just start a social platform but a social revolution. when facebook went public in 2012, mark zuckerberg became the nation's youngest billionaire. though the company had a rough start on wall street reported fourth quarter earnings this week that beat analyst expectations and showed a 40% increase in sales. but facebook's success hinges on the mind of its enigmatic ceo. and i asked him why there appears to be a contradiction between his personal obsession with privacy and facebook's aim to make people's live more public. >> mark zuckerberg is a complex character. but he truly believes the world is a better place if we share more information, and he wants everyone on facebook to put as much of their personal lives on facebook as possible, but in his
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own life, he doesn't want anyone to know anything about him. he wants to control the narrative. he's a very private person, and yet at the same time, his whole revolution, his whole company is based oen the idea of sharing more. >> he had a very famous meltdown during a 2010 interview where he was so sweaty. he was dripping. and the interview went viral. how far has zuckerberg come, do you think in his public face since then? >> well, you know, he's changed a lot. i think they've groomed him well. he's learned a lot about publicity and how to deal with people. i think personally he's still very uncomfortable with other people. he's very socially odd, i think. but he's definitely become more of a ceo. more of the face of a major company. things have changed a lot for him over the last couple of years. and he is starting to be more public. >> he has been on the news that lot for nonfacebook activities, such as a $100 million donation
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to public education, and more recently his pledge to hold a fundraiser for chris christie. what do you think this says about his ambitions? >> well, you know, i think he's always looked at a very big picture. i think mark wants to change the world. he wants to, you know, create a revolution, and i think that's always been his thing. so he's gotten more political and he's definitely trying to change things. >> you and many others have said that zuckerberg is a megalomaniac. >> i don't mean it in a bad way. he wants the whole world to change based on something he's doing. he sees facebook as a revolution, as something that is going to affect every aspect of our lives. and he really sees the world going from a village to a city to facebook. and i do think that he wants to impact everyone in the world's life. and he is doing that. he's actually a successful megalomaniac. >> yeah, he is in a big way.
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he has said he idolized steve jobs. is he in your opinion the next steve jobs? or do you think his legacy might eclipse that of his hero? >> i do think he will eclipse steve jobs. he's not as stylish in any way as steve jobs and i don't think you'll see him in a turtleneck. but i do think he is going to change the world in ways that steve jobs only sort of started to. facebook is in our phones, it's in everything we carry. it's in every moment of our lives now. and i think steve jobs was part way there, but i think facebook will keep going with that. so i do think him idolizing jobs is kind of a framework for where he's going to go. >> and when zuckerberg heard of your book, the accidental billionaires, you got a lot of pushback. in fact, the facebook crowd called you the jackie collins of silicon valley. do you think your book and then the movie helped make him more human in people's eyes? >> i do. i think the book and the movie were actually a good thing for facebook. he did call me the jackie collins of silicon valley, which
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i didn't mind. but i felt it was a true portrayal of him and of the company. and i think, you know, it was the beginning of facebook. i do think it really captured something about the creation of that site and was very honest. >> and speaking of facebook, the social media sites announce they're adding a gift card option for users in the u.s. that means you can get a friend card to stores and restaurants like target and the olive garden. you can find out more about this on all right. staying with technology now, netflix hoping it can start its own revolution with original programming. this weekend, the online movie service made the biggest bet yet releasing the $100 million series house of cards. the show stars kevin spacey as a manipulative and devious house majority whip. earlier, spacey spoke about the parallels between the politics of abraham lincoln's era and the one in his latest show. >> and, you know, when you watch
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even a current film like "lincoln" and you see even a president who was as beloved and in some sense has been almost put in a saintly spectrum in terms of how we view him in american politics and in our history, he was there doing backdoor deals to try to get the votes he needed. so it's a very interesting opportunity for us to examine a fictional congress, a fictional majority whip who while he might be devious and diabolical, he, i believe, is going to prove to be very effective. >> all 13 episodes of "house of cards" are available to stream right now on netflix. it's been less than 24 hours since hillary clinton left the state department, and there's a ton of speculation about where her next job might land her, the white house, perhaps. [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation,
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she can't always move the way she wants. now you can. with stayfree ultra thins. flexible layers move with your body while thermocontrol wicks moisture away. keep moving. stayfree. they really want to, a lot of democrats anddemocrats, and others, would like you to run in 2016. i just see you smiling. >> i am honored. that is not in the future for me, but obviously i'm hoping that i'll get to cast my vote for a woman running for president of our country. >> talking with our own wolf blitzer last april. clinton, of course, left that job just yesterday and questions are still swirling about her future. cnn political editor, paul
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steinhauser, has this look. >> good morning, randi. the biggest question in politics, will she run? the she is now, of course, former secretary of state hillary clinton. when asked in a global town hall if she was making another bid for the white house, this is her answer. >> i am not thinking about anything like that right now. >> here is what she said the same day in an interview with cnn. >> have you decided that you absolutely will not run? >> i have absolutely no plans to run. >> no plans but she isn't closing the door. clinton's returning to private life with poll numbers any politician would love, 7-10 in an nbc/wall street journal poll said they approve of the job she's doing as u.s. top diplomat. and two-thirds said they had a favorable impression of her. only a minority of republicans giving her a thumbs up. if she becomes a politician again, we could see those sky-high numbers come down a
4:53 am
bit. clinton shouldn't be in any hurry to make up her mind, says paul begalla. >> she's not going to commit to running when i think in her heart she has not decided to. she has the time, she has the support. there's no need to rush into 2016. >> if she does run, our own cnn/orc poll says she would be the front-runner for the presidential nomination. we're getting ahead of ourselves. let's let clinton enjoy some downtime. at least for a month or two. randi? >> paul, thank you very much. a pastor's note to a waitress sparks online outrage. wait till you hear this go god-awful tip. progress-oh! -oh! -oh! oh! oh! ♪ what do you know? oh! ♪ bacon? -oh! -oh! oh! [ female announcer ] with 40 delicious progresso soups at 100 calories or less, there are plenty of reasons
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welcome back. time now for a look at some top cnn trends on the web this morning. it's a chance to get free tickets and annoy paying customers in the process. theater in rhode island is one of the latest to set aside a special section of tweet seats where people are encouraged to live tweet, costumes, set, to tweet and generate buzz. people are asked to remain discreet while they tweet. i don't know if that's going to work. katie couric and larry king dated? kind of, sort of. she dished about their first and only date to jimmy kimle. she was 30 and he was in his 50s. dying to know how smooth larry was? katie said things got pretty awkward after they left the restaurant. listen. >> larry, where are we going?
4:58 am
he goes, my place. and i was like, oh, mother of god. so we go to his apartment, right? we walk in and it's covered with proclamation, larry king day, keys to the city, you know, all over the apartment. that was sexy. we sat there and what can i say? he lunged. i said larry, you're such an interesting, nice man, but i would like to meet someone closer to my own age. >> larry said nothing happened between the two when asked about the date a few years ago. one waitress ultimarecently the ultimate slight. >> if how much to tip leaves you stumped wait till you hear the story of the waitress, the pastor and the receipt. >> make themselves out to, you
4:59 am
know, kind of be a jerk. but also play the religion card as an excuse. >> reporter: pastor bell was part of a party of ten, eating at an applebee's in st. louis. the pastor did not appreciate the automatic 18% gratuity charge to large group. she scrolled on the receipt, i give god 10%. why do you get 18? and signed it pastor. that was too much for chelsea, who posted it on the online. >> i thought it was comically immature. >> pastor bell wasn't laughing once the receipt went viral and posters started calling her. >> you hypocrite pastor. >> reporter: chelsea wasn't even the waitress serving that table at the end of the night. she heard about the receipt from the actual server. >> she calls me over and says you're not going to believe this. >> reporter: the 18% gratuity was taken dily